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And this is what the plot bunnies I encounter look like…. They are native to the Bavarian countryside, but apparently a few of them stowed away in my suitcases when I moved here.


And this is what the plot bunnies I encounter look like…. They are native to the Bavarian countryside, but apparently a few of them stowed away in my suitcases when I moved here.

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“My conscience is fickle. It makes its appearance when it is in my best interests.”

—   J

“Everyone was a coward. Some were just adept at hiding the fact.”

—   J

“And all my days are trances,
And all my nightly dreams
Are where thy grey eye glances,
And where thy footstep gleams-
In what ethereal dances,
By what eternal streams.”

The poisonous lake Dwimmor in the Dusk Realm, where the mad king Kor throws people that displease him.  The poison preserves the bodies.  One concept I found.

To Whom It May Concern

As I have come to the conclusion that I am not long for this world, I feel it prudent to write down the intricacies of my origins and life, as it has been a subject of debate and rumor for my entire stay in the court of Asradell.  The below entry will be one of the last in this book, which I suppose might well be thrown out after they’ve cut my head from my shoulders, but one must always hope that some curious plebian might take it as a souvenir of the place where my infamous self spent the last days of my life.

Lana of Asradell was a high-tempered, proud woman.  She possessed an acerbic wit and a tongue so scathing she reduced the more timid serving girls to tears.  Her voice, however, was like molten gold, and sweet as honey to the ear, even in anger.  She was famed for said voice, and her skill with instruments.  She was not given to sentimentality, except perhaps, when it came to my father and I.  Lana was the second child and only daughter, with six brothers to call her own.  Therefore she was raised less delicately than other ladies of her rank and had been allowed freedoms that other noblewomen would not dream of.  She and her father had ever been at odds: she was determined to forge her own path, and he was equally determined to dictate that path.  Both were extremely dynamic personalities, and were more alike, perhaps, than either would admit.

But forge her own path my mother had, and to hell with society!  Lana of Asradell, my mother, met my father, Andrew of Edan, when she was eighteen and he was twenty-five.  Neither would say it was love at first sight; certainly not!  Lana was a beautiful woman, with dark hair and eyes, but her beauty was accompanied by a shrewish nature and a caustic wit.  Andrew himself was not dazzlingly handsome, though one could call him very striking.  His hair was tow, and his eyes the palest shade of blue.  At any gathering, he was the tallest man.  Mild, amiable and keen minded, he was of the landed gentry but held no title.  He did, however, have the ear of the king, Melinaeus, and served as one of his advisors in a political capacity.

Lana became fascinated with the quiet man when, instead of being taken aback or insulted by her impertinent questions and comments, he calmly replied with civil answers and courteous questions of his own.  She found a match for her wit in him, and eventually a husband.  Of course, it caused a great scandal, the daughter of a duke taken to wife by one of the lowly gentry, without the approval of her esteemed father.  My mother and father cared not a whit for what anyone thought of them, a trait, I’m afraid, I have inherited quite strongly.

Now that I have disclosed a bit about my origins, I will perhaps venture to say something of myself.  My name is Gideon.  I am his Majesty King Melinaeus’s chief political advisor and one of the great movers of politics in this kingdom.  And I am a traitor…

This is one character concept for Gideon Areslin, chief political advisor to King Melinaeus of Asradell.

Well hello there chaps!

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